Shabby Chic Bedroom Mint Green Walls

Charming shabby chic bedroom with vintage orange curtains and white door clad rustic feel.

If you want to get the shabbiest look, but chic of your bedroom, you should consider some things, like the materials of cloths, the pattern to decorate the room, and also the choice of colors. In here, you can see some shabby chic bedroom pictures in other color than usual (soft, pastel colors).

Comfortable small bedroom ideas with green mint wall paint color

To get the maximum look of your shabby chic bedroom, you can consider using other colors than what shabby chic bedroom usually brings (pastel and soft colors). You can try mint green walls to be adjusted with the whole decoration of your shabby chic bedroom starts from the bed linen, comforters, curtains, bed sheet, pillow sheets, dresser, etc.

Shabby chic bedroom design can be your go-to style to get the most comfortable and coziest bedroom. Mix and match the mint green walls with classic colors like white, soft pink, soft cream, or to make it contrast, you can pair it with its contrast or with other color on its scheme. Don’t forget to make a bigger mark by using contemporary classic furniture style to fill up your shabby chic bedroom.

Shabby Chic Style Mixes Classic Looks With Antique Bed Set and Curtains.

Simple Bedroom Design With Classic Bed Sets and Accessories Flower Bird Wall Stickers


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